Monday, 4 August 2008


The site for Sek. Men. Keb. Persisiran Perdana (SMKPPP) is located at Tanjung Agas, Muar, Johor. The construction of this secondary project was awarded to the contractor sometime in December, 2006 and expected to be completed by September, 2008. However, based on current progress of th project, it is envisaged that the project could not be completed on time.

The electrical contractor was appointed around April, 2008 this year and had since been working on the project. Today's inspection, visit and meeting on the project had given me an opportunity to meet with the contractors and site staff. Informal discussion was held at the Canteen while watching the contractor working.

As for TNB sub-station building, it needs to be handed over to TNB in a good condition and as per TNB requirement. The photographs below show the existing sub-station building and cable trenches which need to be completed and tidy-up.

Among items that the cointractor needs to prepare are :
1. Corrugated HDPE TNB cable pipes shall be made up of solid HDPE 150mm diameter;
2. To repair/make good cable trench inside Transformer Room;
3. Vermin-proof netting size shall be SWG23 Mesh 10;
4. To repair leaks at ceiling slab inside Low Voltage Room;
5. To replace DANGER and NO ENTRY notices at sub-station doors with standard notices;
6. To clean up cable trenches;
7. To pump out water from cable trench;
8. To paint TNB logo on sub-station building;