Monday, 25 August 2008


USIM Central Utility Block No. 1 which housed 2 x 400 TR was commissioned in 2006 to supply chilled water to the Administration Block and Pusat Teknologi Maklumat.

Recently, the plant has been upgraded with the additional 3 x 400 TR Chillers which were successfully commissioned. This has increased the plant capacity to 2000 TR which will be used to feed chilled water to the new faculties under construction i.e Fakulti Quran & Sunnah (FQS), Fakulti Ekonomi dan Muamalat (FEM), USIM Main Library and Students Affairs buildings.

Due to very high starting currents of chillers (and compressors), Variable Frequency Starters or Soft Starters (SS) are used in the Chiller Control Panel. The starters (Danfoss) are used to limit the starting currents at a known period and are co-ordinated with the protection relays to prevent tripping of breakers during starting. The relay characteristic curves need to be changed from the normal IDMT Standard Inverse to the IDMT Long Time Inverse at the Circuit Breakers before the SS.

The plant is also equipped with the latest Building Automation System (BAS) whereby the chillers could be remotely monitored and controlled.