Friday, 29 August 2008


Unloading of 200mm x 200mm RC Pile from Lorry at SSU 1

The upgrading works on 11-kV system at UTHM has been awarded to a cloass 1 Electrical Contractor at a cost of about RM 6.7 million. The works comprises of building a new Switching Station No. 1, constructing two new 11/0.433-kV sub-station buildings, upgrading the existing TNB sub-stations and supplying the 11-kV and 415-V related electrical equipment required in the SSU1 and sub-station buildings.

Unloading of 150mm x 150mm RC Pile from Lorry at PE 02

Today (29-08-2008), two lorry loads of RC piles have been delivered to site by the contractor. The setting out of SSU 1 and PE 02 had been confirmed by UTHM and the piling work will start very very soon.

With the initial commitment shown by the contractor, we hope the project could be completed ahead of time so that the activities and programs arranged by the UTHM could be carried out smoothly without any problem or shortcoming.