Monday, 15 September 2008


The KOMTAR Upgrading Project Team ...

Advertisement on New Faces of KOMTAR JB as pasted on the Bill Board Hoardings :

The building contractor had entered the project site in November, 2007 and the project is supposed to be completed by May, 2009. Fortunately or unfortunately, at the midst of the construction, it seems that the owner has discovered that for the project to be certainly viable, bearing in mind that an investment of about RM 50 million has been allocated for the upgrading project, the podium section will be increased or catered for 6-storey building, instead of just 3-storey originally.

With the new decision, the demolishing area on site has been increased and consultants/designers of the podium block has been requested to re-check and ammend/update/redesign the building to include the next three stories which are mainly car parks. With the decision also, the floor-to-ceiling height of the first floor has been increased to cater for the M&E services and to create ceiling space especially for the big supermarkets.

So, the final status whether the new portions of the block will be constructed concurrently with the exisiting Phase A project will only be known on the 18-September, 2008 where the Johor Corporation Board Meeting will be held.

Photographs below show the status of construction today (15-09-2008) ...

Johor Bahru .. 15_09_2008